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Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas Says Leave Marijuana Policy to the States

Republican Senator from Kansas Pat Roberts

Republican Senator Pat Roberts took on his challenger, independent Greg Orman, in a rowdy debate at the Kansas State Fair on Saturday, September 6. The 78-year-old Senator is running to maintain his seat for a fourth term in a three-way race, with the Democratic candidate attempting to drop his name from the ballot. In the […]

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Sizing up the 2016 Republican presidential contenders on their marijuana stances

We’ve taken a look across the field of the names being thrown around as Republican presidential contenders and collected their thoughts on marijuana policy. Jeb Bush Jeb Bush is the former Governor of Florida, a state whose residents are voting on a ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana this November. He has recently weighed in […]

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Ann Lee speaks to the 2014 Texas Regional NORML Conference

Ann Lee, Founder of Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition, is a lifelong Republican and activist fighting for marijuana reform

Ann and Bob Lee, founders of RAMP, attended the 2014 Texas Regional NORML Conference in Fort Worth where Ann Lee spoke. Listen to her comments about how marijuana became illegal in the 30’s, her childhood in the Jim Crow era in Louisiana, and where the government has gone off track on regulation of personal choices. […]

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Congratulations to John Baucum for winning TYRF 2014 Man of the Year

Congratulations to John Baucum, RAMP Political Director and President of Houston Young Republicans, for winning 2014 Man of the Year from the Texas Young Republican Federation. He was awarded the prize at the 2014 TYRF Convention held in Dallas, Texas on Saturday, August 9. John won the award for his overall dedication to the Houston […]

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Sen. Ted Cruz Voices Support for 2nd Amendment Rights of Medical Marijuana Patients

From left to right: Zoe Russell, assistant executive director of RAMP, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), Jason E Miller, executive director of Houston NORML and life member of RAMP. Photo Credit: Bobby Rodriguez. At an exclusive event hosted by the Republican Party of Texas Grassroots Club, Sen. Ted Cruz spoke to a small group of […]

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Democratic Candidate for District Attorney Kim Ogg announces plan regarding low-level marijuana offenders in Harris County

Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition RAMP

Candidate Ogg’s ‘G.R.A.C.E. Program’ will divert low-level marijuana offenders away from harsh criminal penalties. RAMP supports an open dialogue about marijuana criminal penalties during the election season. (Houston, TX) – RAMP supports an open dialogue about criminal penalties for marijuana possession, furthered today by Democratic Candidate for District Attorney Kim Ogg’s announcement about her proposed […]

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Sheriff Joe DiSalvo of Pitkin County, Colorado, discusses recreational marijuana

Sheriff Joe DiSalvo of Pitkin County, Colorado. Photo credit: Aubree Dallas/The Aspen Times.

In this interview, Sheriff Joe DiSalvo of Pitkin County, Colorado, answers what everyone wants to know about law enforcement after legal marijuana, including: Are people smoking marijuana in public? Are young people getting hold of legal, recreational marijuana? What is going on with edibles? Are marijuana shops being burglarized or contributing to crime? Are there […]

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Exploring the Relationship Between Christianity and Marijuana Prohibition

Close up view of an open Bible

Join us to explore Christianity and marijuana prohibition. Cannabis is thousands of years old and one of the world’s earliest agricultural crops. Cannabis was used medicinally for its properties as a stress reliever, antiemetic, antibiotic, anti-depressive, anti-inflammatory, and other uses across China, India, Africa, and greater distances with trade. The most controversial use of marijuana […]

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Intricacies of the Jacob Lavoro Case, Teen Facing Life for Pot Brownies

Man holds a sign in support of Jacob Lavoro, a teen facing up to 99 years for hash oil brownies

Jacob Lavoro is a Texas teen who was allegedly found in possession of hash-oil infused brownies and raw marijuana inside his home. Prosecutors in Williamson County have yet to indict Lavoro, but he is facing a felony possession charge of over 400 grams of a Penalty Group 2 controlled substance, which carries a prison sentence […]

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Rice University’s Baker Institute and Texas Monthly host panel discussion on medical marijuana and PTSD

Illustration by Darren Braun for Texas Monthly

Dr. William Martin, Senior Fellow in Religion and Public Policy at Rice University’s Baker Institute, participated in a panel discussion with State Senator Joan Huffman, Dr. Neeraj Shah, Maj. (Ret.) David Bass, and moderated by Brian Sweany, senior executive editor of Texas Monthly. The topic was pulled from the pages of the June issue of […]

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