Sheriff Joe DiSalvo of Pitkin County, Colorado. Photo credit: Aubree Dallas/The Aspen Times.

Aubree Dallas/The Aspen Times

In this interview, Sheriff Joe DiSalvo of Pitkin County, Colorado, answers what everyone wants to know about law enforcement after legal marijuana, including:

  • Are people smoking marijuana in public?
  • Are young people getting hold of legal, recreational marijuana?
  • What is going on with edibles?
  • Are marijuana shops being burglarized or contributing to crime?
  • Are there criminal elements that have infiltrated the dispensary or growing business in Colorado?
  • Have there been a lot of stoned drivers?

Sheriff DiSalvo has been in Pitkin County law enforcement since 1981, originally hailing from Brooklyn, New York. He was elected Sheriff in November 2010. Pitkin County includes the ski destination of Aspen, Colorado.