Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition (RAMP) supports the reform of marijuana laws across the United States, allowing for the safe and regulated use of cannabis as medicine and for adults recreationally. While gaining negligible progress, the 40-year ban on marijuana has birthed a big-government bureaucratic nightmare, which Conservatives should actively oppose. Not only does RAMP oppose the waste of law enforcement resources, but we see myriad injustices caused by prohibition that go against Republican morals, including the restriction of life-saving medical care, needless imprisonment, privacy violations, racial discrimination, and increased border violence. Learn about the major reform efforts that are taking shape throughout the country.

Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is now prescribed to patients in 21 states and the District of Columbia, treating both the symptoms of ailments and also mediating the side effects of intense treatment procedures for certain severe illnesses, such as cancer and HIV/AIDS… read more »

Tax & Regulate

Two states, Colorado and Washington, lead the country in bringing marijuana fully out of the black-market, where adults over 21 years can purchase small amounts of marijuana over the counter for consumption in private residences… read more »


Though remaining illegal, decriminalization of marijuana would see possession of small amounts classified as a civil rather than criminal and jail able offense. RAMP strongly encourages states to end arrests for small amounts of marijuana, and voters in 16 states where decriminalization measures have become law agree… read more »

Industrial Hemp

Industrial hemp has thousands of critical applications and has been cultivated all over the world for millennia. In more recent history, several of the founding fathers, including Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, grew hemp on their farms. Today, however, the U.S. government imposes an outright ban on cultivation… read more »