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RAMP Political Director elected Chairman of the Texas Young Republican Federation

RAMP is extremely proud to announce two new positions held by our Political Director, John Baucum. First, John was appointed to the City of Houston Public Safety Advisory Committee by City Councilman Michael Kubosh, and approved by the full council and Mayor. The committee’s objective is “to provide a system of increased accountability and transparency […]

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Open Letter to Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman

Update: Charges against Ms. Charnesia Corley of resisting arrest and possession of marijuana were dropped on August 14, 2015. Dear Sheriff Hickman, There is much to inquire about regarding an incident that occurred in the late evening of July 21 in Houston. A young woman was pulled over for a traffic violation, and, without consent, […]

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RAMP Goes to Austin

Don Hooper I don’t remember when my mind began to change on the marijuana issue; but, I am confident that the Lee family (Ann Lee and Bob Lee) had something to do with it. I was extremely sad to learn of Bob’s recent passing. When my father passed away last year, Ann trimmed the obituary […]

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Houston Doctors Discuss Medical Cannabis at RAMP Event

Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition and Young Americans for Liberty at University of Houston hosted a forum about medical marijuana, with presentations by two medical doctors and a panel discussion for questions. Please enjoy video from the event, held at U of H on November 19, 2014. About the Speakers: Dr. Elias Jackson is the co-founder […]

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Doctors launching Houston biotech to study cannabis efficacy will host Q&A session on Nov. 19

(Houston, TX) – Two founding doctors in a new Houston biotech firm will participate in a medical marijuana Q&A session at the University of Houston on November 19. Dr. Elias Jackson, co-founder and president of Vyripharm Biopharmaceuticals, and Dr. David J. Yang, former Chief of Radiotheranostic at the Department of Cancer Systems Imaging at the […]

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RAMP welcomes Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson announcement of 1st Chance Intervention Program for possession of marijuana under two ounces

The six-month pilot program will be coordinated with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and the Houston Police Department. RAMP supports a reduction in criminal convictions for small amounts of marijuana possession. (Houston, TX) – District Attorney Devon Anderson announced today the implementation of a pilot intervention program. The program will allow first-time offenders caught with […]

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Congratulations to John Baucum for winning TYRF 2014 Man of the Year

Congratulations to John Baucum, RAMP Political Director and President of Houston Young Republicans, for winning 2014 Man of the Year from the Texas Young Republican Federation. He was awarded the prize at the 2014 TYRF Convention held in Dallas, Texas on Saturday, August 9. John won the award for his overall dedication to the Houston […]

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Democratic Candidate for District Attorney Kim Ogg announces plan regarding low-level marijuana offenders in Harris County

Candidate Ogg’s ‘G.R.A.C.E. Program’ will divert low-level marijuana offenders away from harsh criminal penalties. RAMP supports an open dialogue about marijuana criminal penalties during the election season. (Houston, TX) – RAMP supports an open dialogue about criminal penalties for marijuana possession, furthered today by Democratic Candidate for District Attorney Kim Ogg’s announcement about her proposed […]

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Rice University’s Baker Institute and Texas Monthly host panel discussion on medical marijuana and PTSD

Dr. William Martin, Senior Fellow in Religion and Public Policy at Rice University’s Baker Institute, participated in a panel discussion with State Senator Joan Huffman, Dr. Neeraj Shah, Maj. (Ret.) David Bass, and moderated by Brian Sweany, senior executive editor of Texas Monthly. The topic was pulled from the pages of the June issue of […]

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Texas voters will push for marijuana legalization by 2019

This article was originally featured as part of the Baker Institute Viewpoints series. Following the legalization of retail marijuana sales in Colorado and Washington, and medical marijuana in 22 states with more to follow, marijuana legalization appears inevitable — even in “law and order” states such as Texas. The question is no longer if Texas […]

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