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Open Letter to Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman

Update: Charges against Ms. Charnesia Corley of resisting arrest and possession of marijuana were dropped on August 14, 2015. Dear Sheriff Hickman, There is much to inquire about regarding an incident that occurred in the late evening of July 21 in Houston. A young woman was pulled over for a traffic violation, and, without consent, […]

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RAMP Goes to Austin

Don Hooper I don’t remember when my mind began to change on the marijuana issue; but, I am confident that the Lee family (Ann Lee and Bob Lee) had something to do with it. I was extremely sad to learn of Bob’s recent passing. When my father passed away last year, Ann trimmed the obituary […]

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RAMP welcomes Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson announcement of 1st Chance Intervention Program for possession of marijuana under two ounces

The six-month pilot program will be coordinated with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and the Houston Police Department. RAMP supports a reduction in criminal convictions for small amounts of marijuana possession. (Houston, TX) – District Attorney Devon Anderson announced today the implementation of a pilot intervention program. The program will allow first-time offenders caught with […]

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RAMP Offers Resolutions for 2014 Republican Conventions

RAMP members will be supporting medical marijuana and marijuana decriminalization changes to our state platform through our Texas convention season, and invite Republicans from across the US to utilize these sample resolutions. Resolution Regarding Criminal Justice Resolution Empowering Individuals to Direct Their Health Care We have compiled very helpful information to walk you through the […]

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Harris County DA and HCRP Chairman Ignore Marijuana Policy Discussion

On Tuesday, January 21, 2014, Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson and Harris County Republican Party Chairman Jared Woodfill participated on a Channel 11 news panel to discuss President Obama’s remarks that marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol or tobacco. Also appearing on the panel was Ernest Patterson, Program Director at Memorial Herman Prevention […]

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