Don Hooper, writer for Big Jolly Politics blog

Don Hooper

I don’t remember when my mind began to change on the marijuana issue; but, I am confident that the Lee family (Ann Lee and Bob Lee) had something to do with it. I was extremely sad to learn of Bob’s recent passing. When my father passed away last year, Ann trimmed the obituary from the newspaper and sent it to me in the mail with an accompanying card. I will never forget her kindness. So, when I learned of Bob’s passing, I knew right then that I needed to travel to Austin with Ann and the RAMP (Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition) advocates to support their Citizen Lobby Day at the state capitol and lobby for changes to marijuana laws.

I like what is going on with the youth of our party – the future is bright, especially with RAMP. The RAMP leadership organized a bus trip to Austin last week and scheduled meetings with our elected officials in the House and Senate, which created an organized presence at the capitol.

Twenty-two people, including SREC members, precinct chairs, doctors, lawyers, and activists, traveled from Houston with RAMP.

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