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RAMP Political Director Interviewed in Dallas Morning News about the GOP and Pot

Reporter Rodger Jones questions RAMP Political Director John Baucum about how Republicans feel about marijuana. They discuss Rick Perry, law enforcement, and the possibilities of a bill passing in Texas. Read the full interview here.

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Message from President of Newly-Formed North Carolina RAMP, Major (R) David Hargitt Sr.

Guest Post by Major (R) David Hargitt Sr., President of North Carolina RAMP I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Dave Hargitt, I am the founding President and Board Chairman of North Carolina Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition. Other than the three years I attended Purdue University, a year in Korea, and two years at […]

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Pennsylvania Senate overwhelmingly approves medical marijuana bill; unclear path through House

The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act (Senate Bill 1182) would permit Pennsylvanian doctors to prescribe extracted oil, edible products, ointments and vaporization to patients with certain debilitating medical conditions. Introduced by Republican State Senator Michael Folmer, the bill passed in the Senate last week 43-7, and awaits consideration in the Republican led House. Unfortunately […]

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Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas Says Leave Marijuana Policy to the States

Republican Senator Pat Roberts took on his challenger, independent Greg Orman, in a rowdy debate at the Kansas State Fair on Saturday, September 6. The 78-year-old Senator is running to maintain his seat for a fourth term in a three-way race, with the Democratic candidate attempting to drop his name from the ballot. In the […]

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Rice University’s Baker Institute and Texas Monthly host panel discussion on medical marijuana and PTSD

Dr. William Martin, Senior Fellow in Religion and Public Policy at Rice University’s Baker Institute, participated in a panel discussion with State Senator Joan Huffman, Dr. Neeraj Shah, Maj. (Ret.) David Bass, and moderated by Brian Sweany, senior executive editor of Texas Monthly. The topic was pulled from the pages of the June issue of […]

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Texas voters will push for marijuana legalization by 2019

This article was originally featured as part of the Baker Institute Viewpoints series. Following the legalization of retail marijuana sales in Colorado and Washington, and medical marijuana in 22 states with more to follow, marijuana legalization appears inevitable — even in “law and order” states such as Texas. The question is no longer if Texas […]

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How Does a (Marijuana) Bill Become Law?

For those in states without a ballot initiative, a bill must travel an interesting road to become law. A bill is typically introduced early in the legislative session by the bill’s sponsor. There can be co-sponsors or co-authors that join in along the life of the bill to show their support. A bill can be […]


The House Threatens Suit Over Executive Under-Enforcement

The Republican majority in the House, with 5 Democratic votes, passed H.R. 4138, the ENFORCE the Law Act of 2014. In the argument for the bill, Republicans cite as grievances the changes President Obama has made to healthcare mandates, deferred action of deportation for certain illegal immigrants, and lack of enforcement of the Controlled Substances […]


65 Republicans Vote in Favor of Legalizing Marijuana in New Hampshire, Democratic Gov. Vows to Veto

New Hampshire made history on Jan. 15 2014 by becoming the first state to ever pass a marijuana legalization bill through the legislature. The New Hampshire House passed the bill 170-162 after a lengthy debate. It now goes on to the Ways and Means Committee but must again pass the House and Senate before reaching […]

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Bill to Legalize Marijuana in Maryland will be Introduced with Bi-Partisan Support

Annapolis, MD – With bi-partisan support in the Senate, a bill will be introduced in Maryland to legalize the possession, cultivation, and retail sale of marijuana to adults over 21 years of age. The proposed bill is expected to be introduced early 2014 and will remove all criminal and civil penalties for the possession of […]

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