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Ann Lee speaks to the 2014 Texas Regional NORML Conference

Ann and Bob Lee, founders of RAMP, attended the 2014 Texas Regional NORML Conference in Fort Worth where Ann Lee spoke. Listen to her comments about how marijuana became illegal in the 30’s, her childhood in the Jim Crow era in Louisiana, and where the government has gone off track on regulation of personal choices. […]

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Sen. Ted Cruz Voices Support for 2nd Amendment Rights of Medical Marijuana Patients

From left to right: Zoe Russell, assistant executive director of RAMP, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), Jason E Miller, executive director of Houston NORML and life member of RAMP. Photo Credit: Bobby Rodriguez. At an exclusive event hosted by the Republican Party of Texas Grassroots Club, Sen. Ted Cruz spoke to a small group of […]

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Sheriff Joe DiSalvo of Pitkin County, Colorado, discusses recreational marijuana

In this interview, Sheriff Joe DiSalvo of Pitkin County, Colorado, answers what everyone wants to know about law enforcement after legal marijuana, including: Are people smoking marijuana in public? Are young people getting hold of legal, recreational marijuana? What is going on with edibles? Are marijuana shops being burglarized or contributing to crime? Are there […]

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Major Headway for Marijuana Reform at the Texas State GOP Convention

The Republican Party of Texas voted against adopting language into the party platform to support allowing for the medical use of cannabis prescribed by a doctor. We expected this to happen and we consider the floor debate a major success. The entire delegation of almost 10,000 delegates listened to arguments in favor of allowing patients […]

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Florida Supreme Court Approves Medical Marijuana for November Ballot, Thanks to John Morgan

On January 27, 2014 Florida’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of the language for a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow use of medical marijuana in Florida. Republican Governor Rick Scott is opposed to the amendment and the state’s Attorney General Pam Bondi, also a Republican, had challenged the ballot language, arguing that it was […]

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