Texas Republican Conventions

Check out how your candidates stand on marijuana policy with the Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy Voters Guide!

Learn more from this instructional video from Liberty Action Texas on how the Precinct Conventions function.

Sample Resolutions

Resolution Regarding Criminal Justice
Resolution Empowering Individuals to Direct Their Health Care

Precinct Conventions

Watch our short video to learn why Republican conventions matter, and why you need to show up to your precinct convention on March 1st.

At 7:30pm on March 1st, Election Day for primary elections in Texas, you as a Republican voter have the ability to attend your Precinct Convention. Attendance at your Precinct Convention (being a delegate) will allow you to move from Precinct, to Senate District Convention/County Convention, to the State Convention. At every level, RAMP members can introduce marijuana reform resolutions and discuss the issue with other Republicans.

Every precinct MAY have a precinct chairman or chairwoman. Technically this person picks up an envelope from the Election Judge with instructions on how to select delegates to the Senate Convention and introduce resolutions.

We want RAMP members to take advantage of both options–acting as delegates and bringing resolutions to amend the platform of the Republican Party of Texas.

The convention process can be confusing, so we have broken down all the steps and provided resolution language.

Step 1. Register to vote. The deadline has passed in Texas for the March 1st primary, but you can register for the general election! (Register to vote here)

Step 2. Take advantage of early voting from February 16 to February 26 and then Election Day March 1st. You must vote (and vote Republican!) to participate in the Republican Precinct Conventions.

Step 3. SHOW UP! Election Day, Tuesday March 1st, after the polls close at 7:00pm, go to your Precinct’s Convention. This is typically held at your precinct’s voting place immediately following polls closing on Election Day, but you should confirm by calling your County Chairman.

Meeting Procedure

Step 4. You may or may not have anyone else from your precinct that attends. You are able to hold a Precinct Convention by yourself. Use this Sample Script (PDF) provided by the Republican Party of Texas to help you walk through the process.

The Precinct Convention follows these steps:

  1. Calling the meeting to order
  2. Have precinct convention delegates (attendees) sign in on the provided form
  3. Determine the number of qualified participants – You do this by comparing the list of those who have voted in the Republican primary (acquired from the Election Judge) to the list of those on your sign-in sheet
  4. Reviewing basic convention procedure
  5. Electing permanent convention officers – not necessary if you are alone. The officers do not remain officers over any position as soon as the convention closes.
  6. Announcement of County/District Convention – being held on Saturday, March 22 with location and time to be named by your County Chair
  7. Election of Delegates and Alternates – Add your name to the list! People can be added to the list if they are not present, but they must be voted in by the present delegation
  8. Consideration of Resolutions – Read further for more detailed instruction on resolutions
  9. Other Business
  10. Adjournment

Step 5. You or your Precinct Chair must submit the minutes, delegate / alternate list, and adopted resolutions (in triplicate) to your County Chair within three days.

We highly suggest using the Republican Party of Texas website for helpful information.


In preparation for the Precinct Convention, you should print FOUR copies of the Resolution Regarding Criminal Justice and the Resolution Empowering Individuals to Direct Their Health Care. Putting forward these resolutions will allow us RAMPs valuable time discussing these issues with other Republican activists.

At the point in the meeting for resolutions, you will say:

“Mr/Madame Chair, I move we adopt the following resolution regarding __________ (Title of Resolution). I have brought FOUR printed copies and will read it aloud.”

After you read the resolution, you can “move that Precinct XX adopt the resolution.” Discussion about the resolutions can take place now, such as you explaining the motive behind the resolution or someone disagreeing with the resolution.

A vote will take place after discussion where a majority will determine if it is adopted (by “Aye” votes) or opposed (by “Nay” votes).

Three printed copies of each resolution need to be placed alongside the three copies of meeting minutes for submission to the County Chair. You can bring up both Resolutions, but they will have to be put forward and voted on individually.

Senate District and County Conventions

Your county Resolution Committees meet to cull through and organize all resolutions adopted at the precinct level. This is a lot of work and requires several meetings.

On March 26, if you are nominated as a delegate in your Precinct Convention, you will attend your Senate District/County Convention. At this convention, there will be a break for the Resolutions Committee meeting. Any delegate to the convention can submit resolutions to the committee at this time-in triplicate!

The Resolutions Committee will hear the resolutions and arguments from the body, but they decide if it is included in their presentation to the body or not. In this meeting, the floor is yours to describe why marijuana prohibition is counter to Republican ideals of limited government, individual responsibility, and personal freedom. We hope that during your discussion, others come to the floor to support the resolution. The best way to make this happen is to organize other RAMPs to attend.

For a reference guide to Roberts Rules of Order, the process by which these meetings are run, download this Parliamentary Motions Chart (Excel).

Pledge to Attend the 2016 Texas GOP State Convention as a Delegate!

The next step up from the Senate District Convention is the State Convention to be held from May 12-14 in Dallas, Texas. In reality, a lot of the important platform work begins on Monday, May 9. RAMP will be there the full week, and we need as much help as possible to support our goals. If you are interested in attending ANY of the conventions and need more information, submit the pledge form below. If you don’t know your Senatorial District, we will look it up using your address.

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